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Safety measure


Establishing safety scientifically

Safety is the most important performance of fireworks. Being able to watch fireworks with peace of mind is irreplaceable. Even when considering safety performance as a cost, it is an extremely cost-effective field for all parties concerned from a long-term perspective.


Safe fireworks manufacturing design

Fireworks are made up of a combination of chemical reactions and physical structures. At our company, we analyze safety from two aspects and accumulate the elimination of danger while proving it by performance tests.

Safe fireworks consumption plan

Reasonable planning and consumption with extra capacity. This is the end of safe fireworks consumption.
Personnel that can respond to emergencies, design of a safe distance beyond the legal requirement, sufficient equipment for remote ignition, IT infrastructure. It is also the part where the economies of scale can be utilized.


Information sharing and suggestions

We anticipate dangers, share risks and hazards with the organizers, and responsibly propose solutions.

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