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Our fireworks make pyro-musical
shows a blast all around the world.


For Global Traders

Wholesale fireworks

Our Products

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Manufacturing Technology

We can control both star effects and launch time in 0.1-second increments. And our fireworks expand outward in large, well-proportioned spheres. Our fireworks make it possible to put on pyro shows that wouldn't have been possible before.


Our products meet Japan’s strict national safety standards. Our products are also well known in the Japanese market, which is quite strict regarding safety. Our products are ideal for situations where a high level of safety is required, such as theme parks and large international events.


Our Specialties

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Strobe Effects

We are good at manufacturing fireworks with strobe effects. Seeing our strobe effects for the first time is a thrilling, unparalleled experience. Your clients and spectators will enjoy the same surprise and excitement.

Custom Orders

We develop special products even in small lots. It doesn't matter what kind they are — strobe effect, shell-in-shell, shaped fireworks, etc. Please tell us your wishes.


The Potential of Japanese Fireworks

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Global Expansion

Due to cost and production capacity issues, fireworks exports from Japan have remained extremely low for the last 30 to 40 years. Meanwhile, Japanese fireworks have undergone a unique evolution that is driven by Japanese consumers. And today, in terms of cost, the environment is becoming more favorable for buying Japanese fireworks. The time is coming again when Japanese fireworks will be launched all over the world.

Our Japanese Network

There are many fireworks makers in Japan that have their own unique characteristics. Ghost shell, shell-in-shell, strobe effect, etc. We can use our network in Japan to collect fireworks from different companies, put them in containers, and export them together.



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