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Hand-held fireworks and festival fireworks


Mikawa fireworks

In the Mikawa region of Aichi prefecture, fireworks are close to people, mainly for festivals. We believe that Mikawa fireworks are a fireworks culture in which local people are involved.


The symbol of Mikawa fireworks, "Tedutsu Hanabi"

Tedutsu hanabi is a fascinating fireworks culture and is still actively consumed today. Local people work from preparing bamboo tubes to filling gunpowder. In it, local communities are formed and inherited.

Another Mikawa fireworks "Launch fireworks"

In the past, there was a figure in Mikawa where people carried fireworks in "Nagamochi" and paraded around the town to launch fireworks. Not only the color and sound, but also the way of launching was carefully selected, and many unique fireworks were born.
Even now, the technique of consuming fireworks is inherited in the area, and fireworks are consumed in various places on festival days.

三河花火 打上花火©河合洋様

Challenges facing Mikawa Fireworks


Changes in the environment surrounding the festival

Due to changes in the social structure such as the aging of the festival, the burden on the generation who plays a central role in the festival has increased, and the scale has been reduced or the situation has to be canceled. We have repeatedly struck our knees with the organizer, who is forced to make difficult decisions.

Creating the necessary organization

The most important thing for the survival of fireworks culture is to create an organization, which can only be done by the organizer. To deepen friendship, increase friends, take over technology, and enhance the significance of existence in the region. No matter what happens, it is a "festival", so it must be fun. The increasing burden on the core generation is depriving us of fun and casting a shadow over organizational development.


Connecting Mikawa Fireworks Culture to the Future


We support the organizer

As an expert, we support the continuation and resumption of hand-held fireworks and festival fireworks in order to reduce the burden on the organizer. For example, technical guidance for hand-held fireworks, agency for application procedures, on-site setup to improve safety, training for safe consumption, video production to facilitate these, etc.

To the next generation

Creating an organization becomes community building and leads to the succession of tradition. Together, we want to keep Mikawa fireworks alive and leave a proud "fun" culture to the next generation.

三河花火の伝統を次世代に 晃煙社様


You can check the achievements and examples.

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