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Kato fireworks
strobe fireworks


Unmatched impact

Intense beauty. The color, the amount of light, and the spark are all outstanding, and once you see it, you will never forget it.

What is strobe fireworks?

Fireworks with strong light twinkling. Use different raw materials and smoke gunpowder to get the effect. It is used in an important part of the fireworks show to give a strong impression.
On the other hand, the nature of gunpowder is delicate and requires a balance like walking on a thread. Furthermore, it has been difficult to maintain stable quality because it is greatly affected by the passage of time.

Kato fireworks strobe fireworks

Through repeated research and development, we have established two core technologies to control strobe fireworks. This has made it possible to produce strobe fireworks with stable quality. In addition, we have achieved high-mix production while maintaining beauty.


Two core technologies

Combustion rate control

Blinking is an effect obtained by applying the "smoldering phenomenon" of a special gunpowder. This smoldering is a delicate balance, and even a slight increase or decrease in energy will cause it to stop blinking or extinguish the fire. This balance is also strongly influenced by raw material lots.

At our company, we can freely obtain the effect of blinking with the technology that controls the combustion speed that influences the instantaneous energy.

Suppression of changes over time

The raw material composition of flashing fireworks decomposes by itself and changes to another substance. If left untreated, it will stop functioning within a month of manufacture. Therefore, stable supply cannot be expected unless changes over time are suppressed.

The effect of our aging suppression technology varies depending on the product, but it can be stored for at least one year, and for long ones, for three years or more.



There are about 4 to 8 times as many as standard fireworks.


Since the burning time can be controlled, it prevents the falling of stars that are likely to occur with flashing fireworks. It is used in situations where safety is strongly required, such as in places close to customers.


Eight colors are available: red, green, white, orange, pink, lemon, light blue, and purple.

It is said that it is difficult to manufacture light blue flashing fireworks, but it has the same flashing effect as other colors.

Shining in the night sky all over Japan

Our flashing fireworks, which have the "two things" of beauty and safety, have been highly evaluated in various fields. It is used in various scenes such as fireworks festivals nationwide, theme parks, concerts, and international events.

Flashing fireworks star mine

It is a star mine composed of blinking fireworks. This is our main product. There are many opportunities to receive the designation of the flashing fireworks star mine from the organizer of the fireworks display.


Wholesale sale of flashing fireworks

We sell flashing fireworks to fireworks masters. We mainly deal with "flashing stars", which are the components of fireworks balls, and "flashing fireworks balls", which are finished products.

Custom production of flashing fireworks

We produce custom-made flashing fireworks according to the usage environment.

For example, we manufacture flashing fireworks with adjusted burning time to prevent them from falling when consumed near customers. We also manufacture flashing fireworks that match the sensibilities of fireworks artists in each region.

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