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加藤煙火 花火大会・花火イベントの企画・運営@河合洋様



Planning and management of fireworks festivals and fireworks events


Our service

We plan and manage fireworks events, from large-scale fireworks displays to private fireworks. We are also focusing on the support of the organizers.


Service list

  1. Fireworks launch

  2. Directing fireworks display and fireworks event

  3. Fireworks display / fireworks event planning

  4. Fireworks display / fireworks event management

  5. Manufacture of original fireworks

  6. Manufacture and production of hand-held fireworks

  7. Arrangement of various cooperating companies

  8. Various application agency

  9. Negotiations with regulatory agencies

  10. Other related services

One-stop service

By combining the above services, we will smoothly carry out fireworks festivals and fireworks events.

With experience supporting organizers in each region and a team consisting of members inside and outside the company, we will provide "safety and security" and cost-effective fireworks events.


Organizer support


​Please leave it to us

Due to recent changes in social conditions, the burden on organizers continues to increase. We will support you as a fireworks event expert, and will share the work and undertake it to reduce the burden on the organizer.

Achieve the organizer's purpose

There are a wide variety of fireworks events such as fireworks festivals, school festivals, theme parks, and large-scale event ceremonies. And the organizer has the same number of purposes.
From cutting-edge fireworks shows to traditional fireworks, we aim to realize the organizer's purpose by providing fireworks customized according to the environment.

蒲郡まつり実行委員会 様

Fireworks display / event example

Introducing the fireworks festivals and events that were held.

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